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Water hose and connector

Written by NEO June 24 2004 at 11:07.


This morning I picked up the water hose, the connector for the thermal sensor in the large radiator and the connecting hose for the throttle body. I have already mounted everything and the car is running as it should. The car had a driving ban since it was temporary deregistered. I tried to reregister it by phone without having the registration papers handy, didn't go that well. The dude at the Swedish Road Administration, that handles matters like this, was a total ass!

When everything was mounted I had to take the car for a spin (yeah, even though there was a driving ban) to see of the noise from the brakes went away, it didn't. I jacked up the front of the car and spin the wheels, feels like the brakes are always on. =( Don't know why really. Maybe I need to bleed them again or something. I will take a look at it tomorrow.

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Fairly big update

Written by NEO June 23 2004 at 06:09.


Over the last two weeks a lot have happened to the car. It wasn't without a struggle but now it's parked out on the driveway and awaits some more parts. After I got home to the woods from Gävle it took a good two to three days to tidy up and assemble the brakes. The Porsche calipers were a story in its own and it wasn't easy to find the parts I needed for them. Porsche does not sell the dust seals as a spare part to this specific model. You have to buy a whole kit with pistons, dust boots and gaskets. A kit like that costs 300-400SEK per piston, which I guess you’ve figured isn’t an option since there's four pistons per caliper. For the pistons where the dusts seals were completely broken I used the same pressure seal that's normally seated in the piston housing. It's tightly seated under the old dust seal metal ring. It for sure looks like it might work but I don't know for sure since I haven't driven the car so far yet. =)

When I was done with the calipers I mounted them on the car. I had some brake fluid out in the garage that I used and I started to bleed the brakes. Unfortunately I didn't have enough fluid so I had to stop halfway. I ordered new fluid on the Friday and I was promised to have it by Monday. But in some Irry-ish mysterious way they manage to loose my order, so in panic I had to search in every corner of the city for some more. Luckily I finally managed to find some fluid, phew!

During the bleeding of the brakes the damn car overheated. Later I found out that the connectors for the thermal sensor at the bottom of the large radiator had totally tarnished to death. So the fan which is supposed to start at its highest speed at 144 degrees Celsius (or something like that) never started. And so the car overheated... Once the heat issue was under control we noticed a rather large pool of oil under the front of the engine. A moment of anger, but maybe foremost panic aroused. I have replaced everything that possibly could leak oil in the front of the engine to get rid of the leak. And the weird thing in the crow song is that it has never leaked that much when I've started it before. So I got a bit nervous over that the cylinder head gasket might have blown when the car overheated. But to blow a multi layer steel head gasket? Doesn't sound so likely. Another theory was that the valve cover gasket wasn't seated properly since I the night before had taken the valve cover off to check the cylinder head bolts.

In anger and frustration I once again removed everything in the front of the car so I could wipe it clean. I also removed the valve cover and used some Loctite gasket sealant at the front of the gasket where I suspected it was leaking. And once that was done I reassembled the damn car, mounted the wheels and lowered it down on the ground. I also cleaned up in the garage and prepared so I could drive it up on the ramps the day after. I had to make a rough wheel alignment. Oh yeah, I also mounted the tail lights. =)

The day after a friend and I was in the garage cleaning the RS2 mirror glasses. The guy I bought the mirrors from had them painted with the glasses mounted so the glass had a lot of red paint on them. =( While standing there, thinking about life in general and polishing the glasses the lights went out. A couple of seconds later, while we was trying to figure out what was going on, there was a huge bang that made the glasses in the garage to rattle and my friend an I was scared shitless. After a while my mom opened the door and asked if we still were alive. The lightning must have gone down not far from the garage. Life in the countryside! The power came back pretty fast and I continued to clean the mirror glasses so we could get over to the other garage where the car was. When we got to that garage it turned out that the power was out there too. =/ So I started with some simpler operations, like mounting the door interiors. When the power came back I drove the car up on the ramps. I removed the connector for the thermal sensor, or rather it fell of the car. It was totally decayed and temporarily replaced with regular blade connectors. After that it was time to check the wheel alignment. After a half brave attempt I gave up and tightened the nuts. And it actually didn't turn out that bad. Also aligned the steering wheel that was a bit off. It’s still a bit off though but that will be fixed when they do the proper wheel alignment.

Now the next adventure started... To get the car out of the garage. First we had to move a shitload of crap that was in the way. Amongst other a damn Opel/Vauxhall with a not fastened drivers’ chair. Unfortunately this was noticed first when the car was backed out of the garage and I came to the slope outside the garage... The chair tipped over and I ended up in the backseat. Luckily it all went fine, but it was a couple of nervous seconds. =) Once the Opel was out of the way we started to back my car out from the cramped garage. Once we got it out from my spot we started to plan how we should get it out down the slope. It's pretty steep and uneven and always somewhat of a pain. We used some planks to even it out. I slowly drove forward while my pal was on all four on the ground keeping an eye on the chassis and the ground level. Didn't go all too good. The car got stuck hanging on the threshold halfway out. =/ There was a moment of panic and a few ideas on how to unstuck the car was bounced around quickly. There was no way to get a jack in behind the front wheels, but we managed to get one under the front subframe, though that jack sank down in the gravel. But we got the car up high enough to get the other jack in behind the front wheel. Once the wheels were in the air we slid some planks in under them. This was enough to get the car a bit further out. When the rear wheels reached the threshold I had to steer fully to the left so I wouldn't get hanging on the uneven road outside. More planks was used under the rear wheels so they wouldn't come crashing down from the threshold. And now the front spoiler was in danger so some planks was moved and put under the front wheels. It took a while but we got it out without breaking anything. =) Though the brakes were making one heck of a noise, probably because it's been standing still for so long. We took the car for a little test drive. I started slowly to see that everything worked. Damn it was nice to drive the car again! The short shift felt really good. We drove back to the garage and stopped. Suddenly there was a lot of smoke coming out from under the hood! Gaaargh! We popped the hood open and I ran for the fire extinguisher. Fortunately it was only the heat insulation under the turbo that didn't want to live any longer. Once we calmed down I started to drive the car up on the ramps again. My friend, who was in front of the car guiding me up, started to scream like a constipated koala bear. Now glycol was pissing down under the car. Gaaa! What on earth have I done to upset God!? We found the problem pretty fast. It was a 1000SEK hose that had cracked open. Not much we could do about it other then letting the car cool down and then drive it home, to get it back into that garage was out of the question.

Today I've ordered the water hose and the broken connector and after some bribes I was promised to have the parts by tomorrow. Also ordered the connecting hose for the throttle body, it had a nasty crack in it. =/ I also removed the water hose and the burnt heat isolation. Booked time for wheel alignment and the annual MOT! To be continued...

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Lack of time, small fixes

Written by NEO May 01 2004 at 05:49.

You can't really say that the build is going fast. =/ School is taking most of my time and it will probably do so up untill the summer. I managed to get some small stuffs done the week before easter. Lubricated the electric window mechanism, mounted and tweaked the RS2-front bumper and also mounted the original rear bumper. I hope I can find the time to paint the calipers in the coming week. If I do, I just might get the car on it's wheels the next time I go home. Also updated the specification with some new expenses. =) Oh, and the short shift is mounted. No pictures on that one though. =/

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RS2 inlet manifold

Written by NEO January 24 2004 at 06:15.


I have had a hectic period in school so there have not been so much time to work on the car.  I was home a few days over Christmas and managed to mount the boost pipe that Alutech fixed for me. But of course something just had to go wrong... The pipe they fitted for the magnetic valve was to thin. =( With the help of some friendly Christmas spirit I managed to solve that little issue.

I also got the hold of an RS2 inlet manifold for a reasonable sum of money. Yeah I know, it's identical to the ABY manifold except the Porsche text. But if you know me you know that I'm more then willing to pay some bucks for that text. =) The manifold is heavily weather-beaten but I'm gonna talk to my glass blaster contact and see what he can do with it. He worked his magic on the brakes so this shouldn't be any problems.

I'm still looking for dust seals for my 944 Turbo S calipers. Pretty certain that those calipers will be my death. After seven journeys to the moon and back I am now sitting here with two 36mm seals that fits nicely and two 40mm seals that for sure wont fit. This for the neat sum of 1 950SEK. NEVER again Brembo!

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Aluminium boost pipe and sold parts

Written by NEO December 21 2003 at 06:06.

Earlier this week I finaly got my boost pipe that have been over at Alutech Raceparts for a rebuild. It took quite a while and there was some problems along the way but now I finally have it here. It looks really good and I think it will work just perfect. They welded on a small pipe for the magnetic valve and replaced the pipes for the two bypass valves.

Other then that I have sold some parts and updated the specification. Rows with red text are stuffs that I've sold and money earned. So for the first time in history the total ammount of money spent on the car have decreased. =) But no worries, it's only temporary. I have a fairly large list with stuffs I have to buy. =)

Going home over Christmas to put the engine back together, so there will most probably be some new pictures in a week or two. Untill then, merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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Small updates

Written by NEO November 21 2003 at 21:02.

I found an old invoice that I thought was a goner. Took the opportunity to update my specification. Also got some pictures from Eldis that is working on the rear bumber. It looks really promising! Might upload some pictures of it later on. =)

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RS2 Recaros and brake ducts

Written by NEO November 15 2003 at 20:49.


I was home over the weekend and mounted the RS2 Recaro seats. It was pretty straight forward and painless. Eldis hooked me up with the electric wiring diagrams and I bought all cables and fuses before I left Gävle. Before I did the permanent installation of the cables I did a quick and dirty test just to see that it all worked. And it did! In the permanent installation I utilized the cable trays under the carpet. It turned out REALLY good.

I also have two different types of brake ducts on shelf that i tried on the front spoiler. Just did a verry quick and dirty test so see how well (or badly...) fabricated they are and to snap some pictures of them. Though I realised I have forgotten to buy the brackets needed for a proper and permanent mount, will buy them asap!

I have also updated my specification with the latest purchases.

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More from the summer 2003

Written by NEO November 04 2003 at 22:20.


Finally got my act together and added more pictures from the summer. Unfortunately I didn't take so many pictures. So there's not so many pictures from the steering wheel swap or the work with the shockabsorbers. And some pictures I don't want to upload just yet, then I would reveal a bit to much.

What you can't see on the pictures above is that both the front seats are removed to make room for the RS2-seats that's currently resting in my living room. Took the opportunity to snap some pics of the glass/sand blasted brake calipers and the balsted intercooler. I will post more pictures when the RS2-seats are installed in the car.

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Summer 2003!

Written by NEO September 14 2003 at 20:45.


Oh man I have been lazy with the updates here. I have plenty of stuffs to add here but I have not had the time and strength. The summer didn't really turn out as it was supposed to. The car was supposed to be ready. =( Unfortunately the plastic that's undergoing massive modifications wasn't finished so now I'll probably leave the car in the garage untill next year.

During the summer I replaced the ugly original steering wheel with a RS2 one. I rebuilt everything around the steering column to RS2 specifications to get the proper original feel and look. This includes the multifunction indicator stalk and steering column covers.

Also mounted yellow Konis with H&R springs. It's still in mid air though since I'm waiting for my calipers. I will update with more info and pictures during the autumn.

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Oil leak and RS2-steering wheel conversion

Written by NEO April 05 2003 at 20:05.

I thought it was time for a small update. Many of you know that I'm in the progress of rebuilding the car. Don't want to say to much since someone might like where it's heading and copy it. Once I get closer to finishing it I'll post more details. =) At the moment the car is pretty much in pieces. Turbo, exhaust manifold and all parts surrounding these have been removed. And pretty much everything in the front of the car have been removed in the hunt of the oil leak I've had since I mounted the cylinder head. It's probably the gasket behind the oil pump or the radial seal at the front of the crank shaft. Will probably change both.

Also bought an RS2-steering wheel and placed an order for a light/turn signal lever central from a 1995 S2. Back in 1995 they replaced the lever central and steering tube from factory. Therefore the three spoke RS2 steering wheel won't be a straight swap in my 94. There are a couple solutions to this but as always I choose to go the whole way and replace all parts for a genuine RS2-feeling. =) I'll post more info once I get a bit further on the conversion.

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