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What is this?

It’s almost too long ago to remember. I think it was during spring 2001 when Racefan had been “smelling the bottle” he found out that Irry was an interesting word... In the beginning it was more short for irritating (or in Swedish, annoying) but it turned out that almost anything could be irry. Your car got irry, your friends got irry, your computer got irry, it could be irry to eat, and even your wallpapers could be irry. Anything could be IRRY!
Then I don’t know what went wrong, suddenly we that have our cars parked in the garage most of the time started to call ourselves Team Irry, probably because the cars was, yea right, very IRRY!
And then a beautiful day, eeeh, no an irry day, in December 2001 I (Floddy) just happened to register www.irry.com. Ooooops...

The rules of IRRY - The Murpylogical science

(By Beppo, translated by Beeblebrox)

Everything that goes wrong goes wrong again. This has two reasons. First we never learn, instead we repeat our mistakes into eternity. The second reason appears when we are trying to avoid a mistake, we only find a new way to the same problem. The opposite of a mistake is just another mistake. When we are trying to avoid one ditch, we always end up in the other one. It’s not that we make the old mistakes over and over, new ones develops by themselves in the most astonishing ways. Therefore we are facing the second reason why the murpylogical science still is growing.

Many people believe that Mr Murphy is an imaginary person. The man is alive and healthy, 65 years of age and living in Manhattan Beach with his wife Eiffie and his dog Bowser.

At first Mr Murphy came up with his law during research about how gravity could affect the human body. The testing was carried out using rocket engines in 1949. Major John Strapp was the test pilot with the task to find the limits for the human body. Strapp had already been up to 31G and the gravity was increased so that the skin was starting to fall of his face. When the test was over and Strapp asked how many G´s he was exposed to, he didn’t get any answer. He called for Murphy who found out that all the instruments had been turned the wrong way. This is when he said:” If there is more than one way to do something and one of them leads to disaster, someone will do it that way”.

This is Murphy’s Law in its original version, it was Strapp who in a press conferens a couple of weeks later referred to it. When a journalist asked him to quote it he said:” Everything that goes wrong, goes wrong”. This also proves that Murphy’s Law is its own evidence-it wasn’t quoted correct.

This is a couple of laws incorporated under “Murphy’s law”, these are the laws that rule the world and the projects here at irry.com. We are a bunch of people who are trying to outsmart these laws and the logical balance of nature, which always isn’t easy...

  • “There are a lot of problems. The worst mistake is trying to solve them.”
  • “Everything that could go wrong goes wrong at the worst possible time.”
  • “If something that you could expect to go wrong, doesn’t, it always turns out that it would have been better if it did.”
  • “Nothing is so simple that it can’t be done in the wrong way.”
  • “Inside all problems there is a bigger one trying to get out.”
  • “Problems don’t get solved, they are just getting replaced with new ones.”
  • “If you’re not a part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem.”
  • “Humans don’t solve problems, they ask for trouble.”
  • “The tragic about experience is that when you’ve got it, it’s too late.”
  • “Good judgement is a result of experience - experience is a result of bad judgement.”
  • “When something doesn’t go wrong the possibility for an upcoming mistake increases.”
  • “The risk of someone watching you is directly proportional to your mistake.”
  • “When you are looking for something you always find the thing you were looking for the last time you were looking for something.”
  • “Everything that can get stuck, gets stuck, even if they weren’t supposed to."
  • “Everything that can’t get stuck, also gets stuck.”
  • “If something can get worse, it will.”
  • “You never loose anything you don’t need.”
  • “Everything takes longer time than you’ve planned, even if you planned it to take longer time than you think it will.”
  • “The more expensive gadget, the longer to go to the workshop.”
  • “When you are going to show your non-working gadget for someone else, it is always working.”
  • ”What you can’t dissemble, you can always break apart."
  • “It’s always easier to remove than putting it back.”
  • “Nothing goes as you’ve planned.”
  • “If things go as planned, the plan was written afterwards.”
  • “It is not called experience until you don’t need it.”
  • “The softer bread, the harder butter.”
  • “The shortest way from A to B is always in the garage, broken.”
  • “It’s never too late to give up.”
  • “The more you think deeper, the more you understand less.”

We are team Irry at the moment

(No one knows exactly who is in or out)


Owns the car that never gets ready, and when it was close to be ready it almost caught fire...


With the ultimate pornomobile, the ultimate lack of money and the slowest person in the world...


Powermechanic, say no more...


Saving money?? No, if you got a well preserved S2 you could sell it and get rich. In year 2050...


Bought his car, car broke down, restored his car and got hit by a bus...


Taking the car apart just for fun.


Managed to drop some tools in the cylinder so that he had to lift the cyl.head a couple of times. He also manages to get water into most things.


Bought an RS2 and got the uninsured car smashed by a friend. Bought a new one and took it apart.


If you’re not satisfied with your car, rebuild...


Have always some crazy ideas that have to be tested. Got FBI looking for him...


Tempted into the dark side by his brother. Poor bastard.


Got his first S2 stolen by bank robbers who put it on fire, smashed his second one, and now his trying to put a “slightly” modified 3B-engine in an Urquattro.


Makes the neighbours go nuts when he''s rebuilding the exhaust system at night...


Are you a big snowy parking lot? Are you a rear differential? Ok. Time to GET UP AND RUN!


Bought an AAN-engine and the first thing he did was to see how small pieces he could split it into.

...and a couple of hangarounds.

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