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Water hose and connector

Written by NEO June 24 2004 at 11:07.


This morning I picked up the water hose, the connector for the thermal sensor in the large radiator and the connecting hose for the throttle body. I have already mounted everything and the car is running as it should. The car had a driving ban since it was temporary deregistered. I tried to reregister it by phone without having the registration papers handy, didn't go that well. The dude at the Swedish Road Administration, that handles matters like this, was a total ass!

When everything was mounted I had to take the car for a spin (yeah, even though there was a driving ban) to see of the noise from the brakes went away, it didn't. I jacked up the front of the car and spin the wheels, feels like the brakes are always on. =( Don't know why really. Maybe I need to bleed them again or something. I will take a look at it tomorrow.

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