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RS2 inlet manifold

Written by NEO January 24 2004 at 06:15.


I have had a hectic period in school so there have not been so much time to work on the car.  I was home a few days over Christmas and managed to mount the boost pipe that Alutech fixed for me. But of course something just had to go wrong... The pipe they fitted for the magnetic valve was to thin. =( With the help of some friendly Christmas spirit I managed to solve that little issue.

I also got the hold of an RS2 inlet manifold for a reasonable sum of money. Yeah I know, it's identical to the ABY manifold except the Porsche text. But if you know me you know that I'm more then willing to pay some bucks for that text. =) The manifold is heavily weather-beaten but I'm gonna talk to my glass blaster contact and see what he can do with it. He worked his magic on the brakes so this shouldn't be any problems.

I'm still looking for dust seals for my 944 Turbo S calipers. Pretty certain that those calipers will be my death. After seven journeys to the moon and back I am now sitting here with two 36mm seals that fits nicely and two 40mm seals that for sure wont fit. This for the neat sum of 1 950SEK. NEVER again Brembo!

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