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Summer 2003!

Written by NEO September 14 2003 at 20:45.


Oh man I have been lazy with the updates here. I have plenty of stuffs to add here but I have not had the time and strength. The summer didn't really turn out as it was supposed to. The car was supposed to be ready. =( Unfortunately the plastic that's undergoing massive modifications wasn't finished so now I'll probably leave the car in the garage untill next year.

During the summer I replaced the ugly original steering wheel with a RS2 one. I rebuilt everything around the steering column to RS2 specifications to get the proper original feel and look. This includes the multifunction indicator stalk and steering column covers.

Also mounted yellow Konis with H&R springs. It's still in mid air though since I'm waiting for my calipers. I will update with more info and pictures during the autumn.

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