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Aluminium boost pipe and sold parts

Written by NEO December 21 2003 at 06:06.

Earlier this week I finaly got my boost pipe that have been over at Alutech Raceparts for a rebuild. It took quite a while and there was some problems along the way but now I finally have it here. It looks really good and I think it will work just perfect. They welded on a small pipe for the magnetic valve and replaced the pipes for the two bypass valves.

Other then that I have sold some parts and updated the specification. Rows with red text are stuffs that I've sold and money earned. So for the first time in history the total ammount of money spent on the car have decreased. =) But no worries, it's only temporary. I have a fairly large list with stuffs I have to buy. =)

Going home over Christmas to put the engine back together, so there will most probably be some new pictures in a week or two. Untill then, merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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