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Oil leak and RS2-steering wheel conversion

Written by NEO April 05 2003 at 20:05.

I thought it was time for a small update. Many of you know that I'm in the progress of rebuilding the car. Don't want to say to much since someone might like where it's heading and copy it. Once I get closer to finishing it I'll post more details. =) At the moment the car is pretty much in pieces. Turbo, exhaust manifold and all parts surrounding these have been removed. And pretty much everything in the front of the car have been removed in the hunt of the oil leak I've had since I mounted the cylinder head. It's probably the gasket behind the oil pump or the radial seal at the front of the crank shaft. Will probably change both.

Also bought an RS2-steering wheel and placed an order for a light/turn signal lever central from a 1995 S2. Back in 1995 they replaced the lever central and steering tube from factory. Therefore the three spoke RS2 steering wheel won't be a straight swap in my 94. There are a couple solutions to this but as always I choose to go the whole way and replace all parts for a genuine RS2-feeling. =) I'll post more info once I get a bit further on the conversion.

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