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044 fuel pump and Whiteline RARB

Written by NEO June 12 2007 at 13:48.


I once again took some days off from work and worked on the car. I got my Whiteline rear anti roll bar from Corey at www.quattronics.co.uk. I had some problems fitting it because two of the original bolts were to short for the new brackets. Other then that it was a 10 minute operation to replace the old rarb. =)

Also tested the car with the new 044 fuel pump. As I said before I thought my old pump was on the verge on giving up since the engine runs a bit hot. Now I know that there was nothing wrong with the old trusty original 040 pump since the engine still runs too hot with the new pump. At full load the exhaust temp peaks at 1000 degrees Celsius. =( Dunno what to do about it actually. =/

I also swapped the tires around. A faulty wheel adjustment killed the front tires last season so I put those at the back of the car. I'll order new tires this week, this time 225x40x18. Might look a bit "German" on my rims but I'm so sick of the 235's hitting the fenders so I'll have to try this setup.

Oh, and the damned cap over the fuel pump leaks. =/ Guess there's a crack in it or something.

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Another year in pictures

Written by NEO June 03 2007 at 12:35. Last updated October 17 2009 at 16:43.


Mmmkay folks! More then a year has passed since the last update. Yes, I should be ashamed but I have worked so much that updates on this page and updates on the car and life in general had to be put on hold. From now on I will only write in English on these pages. I'm pretty lousy at the grammar and the spelling so have patience with me. =)

The text under the new pictures is pretty much describing what has happened during this year. I'm waiting for a Whiteline RARB that hopefully arrives next week. I’m also waiting for an exotic part from Germany, more about that in the next update. =)

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Killed the diff oil plug and mounted RS2 anti roll bar

Written by NEO May 30 2006 at 23:09.


I took some time of from work and worked on the car. I finally got a look on the RS2 inlet manifold that Mange remove the service channels from. Looks excellent! Just needs some paint. He also sent me a crank house breather tank but that one for sure needs some more work.

After making sure that the downpipe won’t lay against anything gearbox related I mounted the last cv joint on the gearbox. It’s so damn tight and that cv joint locks the downpipe in place so wanted to make sure it all was ok before fastening it.

Also tried to remove the oil plug from the rear diff but I ended up destroying the corners in the hex bolt. =/ Sebban have promised to drop by with the weld some day when he passes Katrineholm. That ought to do the trick.

I’ve also mounted the RS2 anti roll bar I bought at the same time as the RS2 gear box. Really smooth operation to replace it.

Also big kudos to Tobbe who agreed to take some parts I need blasted and powder coated. Much appreciated! Some of the parts will be painted in some silver metallic color. I’m bringing the turbo back with me up to Stockholm so TurboCenter can mount the mount for the thermal sensor. I also hope that Roffe Lundblad can clean my fuel injectors.

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Specification updated!

Written by NEO February 26 2006 at 23:07.

I updated the specification with some new posts. Man... It's some scary shit! =)

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More then a year without updates! =/

Written by NEO February 15 2006 at 20:47.


Ooooh damn! More then a year since my latest update here on Irry. I’m a bit ashamed! I will try to do better in the future. In this update I’ve also added some old pictures I found that might be out of interest.

A lot have happened to the car and in my life in general. But who cares about life in genera!? Let’s take a look at what happened to the car instead. It’s hard to remember everything but I’ll try to write about he big stuffs at least

During the summer 2004 the RS2 front spoiler and the cup spoiler was finally mounted on the car. The parts were painted and I thought everything was a done deal. But you know how it is… =/ The parts were painted in two rounds and the parts that were painted in the second round (hood, fenders and one set of the brake ducts) got the wrong black color! Black isn’t just as simple as black. Those parts got a blueish black that’s far from correct. The painter has said that we’ll take a look at this but the car has been broken and non moveable ever since. =( In addition it was a really bad paintjob and the front spoiler is already, after a few 100 miles, blasted from small stones.

After the summer I broke the rear right drive shaft cv joint at a stop light in Gävle. Did a 6000 rpm start when the light turned to green but the car didn’t move. First I thought it was the gearbox or rear diff but when I finally had the time to look at it, it turned out to be the outer cv joint for the rear right side that had failed on me. Big thanks once again to Sebban who towed me home and to quattromaniac for borrowing me the tools I needed. Found a complete drive shaft at a scrap yard and bought new cv joint rubber boots for it. I had to do that operation in my apartment in Gävle since I didn’t have a good garage back then. There was grease all over the place for a long long time. =) The family living in the apartment under me rang on my door when I was in the middle of the work. They were angry as hell and on some cryptic combination of Swedish and Russian yelled that I should stop making such a noise. In all fairness I had forgot what the time was and I was making one hell of a noise when I was hammering the cv joint onto the drive shaft. When they rang on the door they “kindly” informed me that it was closer to 23:00. Ooops.

I got the drive shaft mounted on the car just before the first snow fell. So I drove the car home to my parents for winter holding and temporary deregistration. Once I took it out again in 2005 it was time for MOT. I didn’t want to change to the original taillights so I bought some orange LED indicator bulbs (red turn signal is not legal in Sweden on newer cars). I barley got through the MOT with these LEDs. He looked at them for a long long time and closely. But he never said anything, but he took out his inner anger on the cracked RS2 mirror glass. He also complained on the top mounts that didn’t go as smooth as they should. And sure, I can agree that they didn’t and I said too hum that it must be because of the car is lowered. The top mounts were brand new and just mounted on the car so there was no way in hell there could be something wrong with them. I asked him to try it on the ground instead but he refused and told me I had to fix it and come back in with the car. =( So I went home, angry as hell. Removed the top mounts and drove in to Audi and showed them to the mechanics. They said there was no problem what so ever with them and that I just should put new grease in them and reassemble it all. I actually drove past the MOT and showed the top mounts to the guy too that said that they looked ok.

After a few hours in the garage everything was cleaned up and reassembled. I took the opportunity to adjust the shock absorbers to a firmer setting. Before I went to the MOT I went to Audi once again and they took a look at it and said that all was looking good, they told me too call if something was wrong. This time around I got a more sympathetic MOT guy that also came to the conclusion that they were a bit sluggish. But he didn’t think they were any security risk so he passed the car. Woohoo!

After this me and the car was up in Gävle. I was supposed to have showed it for the painter but he was on vacation until August. =( Since I now was done with my studies at University I moved down to the parents for a while. Though it didn’t take long before I got a job in Stockholm so in August I moved up there. The weekend before I would start at the new job I was on my way from Stockholm home to the parents. On the highway when I was cruising at 90-100km/h there was a loud noise, somewhat like a jackhammer. At first I thought they were drilling outside of the car on some construction site but the noise followed the speed of my car. All I could do was to pull over and try to see what it was. Couldn’t really see anything but all pointed at the gearbox. Luckily enough I had stopped the car on a Hotels parking lot. So I checked in for the night and the day after dad and a friend of his picked me and the S2 up. We loaded the Bathmobile on the car trailer and drove home.

It took until November before I had the time too remove the gearbox. But for sure it was the gearbox that had broken down. Some large gear parts fell out of it. =/ Couldn’t find anyone that could repair it so instead I looked for a replacement gearbox. I guess I was lucky because I found a RS2 gearbox on a scrap yard. I mounted it last weekend but can’t test it for a few months since the car is in pieces.

I have probably missed something now since I’m tired and exhausted. So stay tuned for more updates and some corrections to this post! =) Also have to update the specification with a couple of thousands.

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Annual MOT and red taillights

Written by NEO July 07 2004 at 12:42.

The car went through the annual MOT without any problems what so ever! Very nice dude at the MOT. =) When the car was under inspection at the MOT they called from "Bilteknik" and said that they had a spot for my car this afternoon. So directly after the MOT I left the car at "Bilteknik" and took the opportunity to show the scratches I got when they had the car last week. They should take a look at it and see what they could do about it. While waiting for the car I walked over to a friend who lives nearby and had some coffee. They called around 1400 and said it was done so I walked over and picked it up. They polished the scratches and the result was very good! Kudos to "Bilteknik" for fixing their mistakes. It's human to make mistakes but not everybody corrects their mistakes, but "Bilteknik" did! =)

During the evening I have mounted my red USA taillights. WOW they're good looking! Going in to town tomorrow to search for green turn signal bulbs or some color I can paint the originals with. In Sweden we, by law, need orange turn signals and green bulbs through the red glass should turn up orange. =) Since I don't have a digital camera I don't have any pictures of this. Gonna borrow my brothers camera and snap some pics. =)

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New trim for the sunroof

Written by NEO July 06 2004 at 12:41.

Today I replaced the trim around the sunroof that has been leaking since I bought the car. I bought the list back in September 2001 but some projects take a while. ;) But now it's replaced and it looks like it's keeping the water out! It struck me that it might have been water that have been leaking in there that might have ran out on the driver side floor too.

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Royal visit in the garage!

Written by NEO July 05 2004 at 12:35.

Whiskas and Floddy stopped by for a visit. =) Whiskas started to work on a detail that’s gonna be at the rear of the car. More info and pictures once it's done. =) Floddy suspected he had a boost leak and we were gonna do a pressure test. Unfortunately our air compressor wasn't up for the challenge so it didn't go all to good. We also drove down to Dr. Ernie that lives a few houses away. He took a look at it and came with some good ideas over what could be wrong. We also took the opportunity to take a look at what he had in his garage. Well... That guy plays in another league! =)

Once Floddy and Whiskas had left I replace the ball joint on the steering rod.

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Why does God hate me? Wheel alignment!

Written by NEO July 03 2004 at 11:49.

The time is 00:26 and I just got in from yesterdays and this nights work. Yesterday was a huge cluster fuck. I can't help to wonder what I'm doing wrong since everything ALWAYS goes to hell. One step forward and a boogie woogie backwards. =(

Got up at around 06:00 to get the car to "Bilteknik" in Katrineholm for a wheel alignment. I was there around 07.15 and it didn't start out good. They couldn't find the work order for the car. After some fiddling in the computer they manage to find it. I talked to the guy that was gonna do the work, very nice and skilled dude. I left the keys and went home. Around 09:00 they called from "Bilteknik" and said that they ran into some problems. They said that one wheel bearing probably was about to die and they didn't want to align the wheels if that was the case. But I told them to align the damn wheels anyways. They said they were gonna call me when the job was done. I checked my cell phone around 11.40 to see if they might have called me on that one. Felt like they should have been done around now since I left it so early. And yes, they have left a message on the cell phone so I called them up. But then the mechanic was out for lunch. =( He called me back at 13.00 and sang the same song as they did earlier, about the wheel barring. For the second time I told them to align the damn wheels anyways. We agreed that I should pick the car up around 16:00.

I called "Dalhems" who had a heat isolation fabric that I needed to replace the one that caught on fire. It was 250SEK for 50x50cm. It should be here sometime next week. With my luck it's probably the worst crap ever. Also ordered four wheel caps I need for a little special thingy. More info once I get started. =)

The clock got close to 16:00 and I transported myself to "Bilteknik". To be honest, for a few days I have had that odd feeling that something was gonna go bad with this. And when I entered the shop and saw how they looked at me I knew the verdict was bad. The car wasn't ready! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! The alignment on the steering rods was stuck. Everything else was aligned and I would take the car with me and they would call me next week when they could take it in and fix the last stuffs. Since the car was up on the lift they showed me what was stuck and I said I was gonna try to unstuck it for them. They thought that was a good idea. Since they were about to close the shop I was a bit stressed out and didn't have the time to check the car that carefully. Only checked the speedometer so it hadn't been driven too far, which it hadn't (I'm paranoid). =) I couldn't hold it back when going home. I went fast! It was fun! Wrooooom! Though there was some odd vibrations in the rear, don't know if it's because everything isn't aligned or if it's that wheel barring. Guess I'll just have to wait until it's all aligned.

Once home it felt like a good idea to make sure that all rims were ok and unharmed after their work. Guess what? Yes... The rear right rim had a couple of ugly scratches! Also the drivers door had a few scratches. They had already closed up when I noticed this so it was too late to call them today. I'll call them first thing on Monday! I find it odd that there's always always always something that fucks up. Gonna snap some pics on the misery.

Angry as hell I started to jack the car up. Just a thing like that is an adventure on it's own when there's an old SAAB V4 on the best spot in the garage and all space that's left is a gravel pitch. I started to work on the steering rod alignment which wasn't the easiest. The left side took a couple of hours and the ball joint on the steering rod died during the fight. Than you lord almighty for supporting me and making my life easy! Fucking shit! A new one costs 300-350SEK. The right side was easier though and it only took around an hour. While doing this I noticed that the cv joint rubber boots was leaking grease. This even though I’ve used nice original Audi clamps around them. Both rims up front had grease on them. Not sure if they are leaking or if I had missed to wipe it clean when I assembled it. Gonna investigate further later today if I have the strength. I also noticed that both front brakes are constantly on. It seems like the pistons don't go back as they should. =// It looks like both the outer brake pads have taken some beating because of this. So damn funny! =( Now the car is in the garage again and I'm trying to cool down. Need to order a new ball joint on Monday and get it here with express delivery. Need do get it fitted on Tuesday so I can do the annual MOT on Wednesday. And the car might go in for wheel alignment again on Wednesday evening. Another interesting thing is that no nuts up front or at the rear have any signs what so ever of the alignment. So don't know what they have aligned. I need to investigate this further today.

Todays question: What on earth am I doing wrong!?

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Written by NEO July 02 2004 at 11:39.

=((( !!!

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