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Bearing work

Written by Tacq June 05 2002 at 15:12.

All the struts is now in pieces for a rehaul and we've figured out how to enhance them. At Emmaboda we noticed a noise from the front chassis, so we decided to take it apart when we got home. It came to light that there were some worn out parts here, to begin with two top mounts had to be replaced. Then we saw that the flapping we heard at Emmaboda came down to the shocks sitting loose in the struts, this was corrected by fabricating an insertion that made the shock sit correctly. Last but not least, it appeared that one of the front wheel bearings were completely exhausted. FAG who made these once upon a time were consulted and found that they did not have anything similar in their range. The bearing was sent to Neo whose grandfather works at SKF, but they did not have anything that resembled it. Anders Carlsson in Borås was contacted, he would like to hear from us when we solved the problem because he had no good solution. He offered, however, to lend out a strut. Instead we got a sleeve made that we could squeeze a urquattro stock bearing into, then push the sleeve into the strut.

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Dragracing at Emmaboda

Written by Tacq May 19 2002 at 13:32.


As usual it´s always panic before an event like this even if you´ve been working for the entire winter. 3 days before the event we started the car for the first time in 5 months-SMOKE!!! Panic!! There was a big crack in the exhaust manifold. RS-Mange(dr Mengele with the TIG-welder) was contacted- ”of course I´ve got a bit of incionell at home”. Remove the manifold and rev up the JETTA! A couple of ours later back in the garage with the welded manifold. Now the car could be started with only 2 days left to the event, this time it was successful.

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Written by Tacq.


Bougt the car in november 2001. During the winterwe have been doing quite alot of work. We started to tear out the fuelpumps and cathtank, the tank was sent away to weld new connections. We changed all the hoses in the fuelsystem to Aeroquip and Aeroquip connectors. New connections were welded to the fueltank to minimise risk of fuelleaks…

The electrical system have been rebuilt together with the instruments. The digital instruments was changed to a homemaid aluboard with fuelmeter, tachometer and speedometer. Furthermore the middleconsole holding the remaining instruments have been modified.

A rollcage from Swedish manufacturer Gus found it´s way into the car. It´s a rallycage wich is built according to the rallyregulations with the acception that it misses one of the diagonals in the back. It´s not possible to put that in if the rearseat should be able to use, wich is a must if the car should pass the MOT.The engineroom have partially been covered with heatshields and the downpipe have also been covered with heatprotective bandage.When we bought the car it had plastic doors, now we put the original steeldoors back. We have also put in a minor interior.

All the cableloom to the ECU have been relocated so its less exposed to heat and a few messes have been sorted out.A new pipe running from the cooler to the engine have been installed. The watter temperatureprobe have been installed in ths pipe and pipe is connected with new silicone hoses.

New pads have been repling the old ones in the frontbrakes.

All oilfeederconnections have been checked or changed to minimise leaks.

The lower joints on the strut have been changed to new and stronger Uniballs.

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