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Exercises of the summer

Written by Tacq November 04 2003 at 15:55.


The head have been left away to be checked and the block left to be bored What happened during the summer?

We went to Björkvik and our first trackday for this summer at fifth of Juli. At about 7000rpm on second gear the belt running the oilpump snapped of….That ment the end of that day, just to pack up and go home.It shouldn´t be a big problem since the engine was turned of immidetly, but considering that there are Irrystickers om the car it was doomed to be moore trouble, and it was…It tourned out that the pulley got stuck in the timingbelt and med it “ jump” a couple of teeth. Well, how bad is it, as you might know the valves have a tendency of interfere with the pistons…and that was happened.We were a bit lucky at all, we found small marks in the pistons but no real damage, althou we decided to totally rebuild the engine anyway. The cylinderhead looks undamaged but we will anyway have it checked to se if there is anything else to do when already is taken apart. More info about the engine will come later.We also decided to rebuild some other things on the car.At the moment the gearbox is on the workbench and waiting for is coming...

As it looks now we wont be driving with the car during 2004 and instead we are trying to do things all the way.

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