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Welcome to the new irry.com!

Written by Floddy October 14 2009 at 15:00.

During the last months (or year) irry.com has been rebuilt completely and you are now viewing the result. The few of you that have been following our projects already knows that things that has something to do with irry usually takes time. And once it's finished we normally scrap our plans and redo it from the beginning... So why should a website be any different?

The page is now running on Joomla!, an open source-CMS, which makes it possible for the members of Team Irry to manage their own updates directly from the webpage. That's a whole lot smoother than all the html coding that had to be done when updating on the old site.

A reasonable amount of time has been spent on design, building templates, customizing, building various extensions and to make everything fit our needs. Not to mention the hours, days and weeks it took to insert all the content from the old site and finding as much of the original images as possible...

The new page has a much better guestbook and a brand new commenting function. Feel free to post and comment on our irryness! Just remember to keep it nice and clean. Smile

Some effort has been made to get the page to look OK in Internet Explorer 6, but not too much. The development has focused on Firefox and that's where the new site probably looks best. But of course our aim is that it should look good in all modern browsers, so please report any strange behaviour and/or glitches to the webmaster. For the record, Internet Explorer 6 is NOT a modern webbrowser.

Thank you for visiting and please let us know what you think of the new site by posting in the guestbook, or by posting a comment on this article.

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