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Brake pads, big brake pads

Skrivet av NEO 19 augusti 2010, 15:56. Senast uppdaterad 19 augusti 2010, 16:02.

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After investigating and researching brake pad part numbers for a good two days I finally ordered a set that I picked up today. My awesome contact at Pagid in USA (thanks Patrick!) helped me to figure out that what I needed was the pads called T1414 on Pagid language. When searching in their online catalog they are linked to these OEM numbers:

PORSCHE, 95535193950        
PORSCHE, 95535193951
VW, 7L5698151
VW, 7L0698151

My conclusion after googling for those numbers for a few days was that 955 351 939 50 was what I needed and my Pagid contact came to the same conclusion. The odd thing is that even though I ordered 955 351 939 50 what I got was 955 351 939 51 and the later is supposed to have totally different measurements, according to my search results. A bit worrying but the pads fit and all looks ok and the measurements are ok so I guess it's the correct pads. Not sure what to do with the springs that I have for the mounting kit though. They are used when these calipers are used with ceramic pads, as seen in this picture, but the pads I got now don't seem to need those springs.

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