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Sensor thursday.

Skrivet av NEO 15 juli 2010, 17:05. Senast uppdaterad 15 juli 2010, 17:46.

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I have been having some issues with the onboard computer and the cruise control so I decided to take a look if there were any stored fault codes. And yes, there were a few...

3 Faults Found:
00516 - Closed Throttle (Idle) Position Switch (F60), 30-00 - Open or Short to B+
00561 - Mixture Adaptation, 13-00 - Adaptation Limit (Mul) Not Reached
00281 - Vehicle Speed Sensor (G68), 03-10 - No Signal - Intermittent

00516 and 00561 was a bit unexpected and I hope that 00561 was a result of 00516 and nothing serious. 00516 was just like it says, the throttle position switch (F60) that needed an adjustment and it was a fairly easy fix. I just released its two screws and rotated it, with the throttle closed, until I heard the switch in it go "click" and at that position I fastened the screws.

00281 was the one I was after since it affects the onboard computer. It turned out that I had a spare G68 on my old gearbox so I studied that one and looked at how it was mounted but I never used it. Once I had it figured out I removed the G68 from my current gearbox and I cleaned it up and sanded the connectors to remove any corrosion and dirt that could cause an "intermittent error". I reassembled everything and made sure that there was no fault codes and I guess only time will tell if it works or not.

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