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Summer update

Skrivet av NEO 14 juli 2010, 00:11. Senast uppdaterad 15 juli 2010, 17:45.

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The whole ceramic brake disc deal made me lose the interest for the car for a while. So nothing have really happened with it during the winter. I have posted a few random pictures of it where the last ones display my newest problem. A red BMW was sanded down in our garage during the winter. Apparently there was still dust floating around in the garage and when I took it out for a spin a week ago I never noticed the thin layer of dust on my car. During the day when the car was parked the red particles burnt into my paint so now my roof and hood are red metallic. =( Don't really know what to do about it at the moment, it just sucks so hard. =(

In other news I have sold my 18" Cup 3 replicas and I have bought a rear wheel hub with assembly that I can use when working with the rear brakes, hopefully this year. =)

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