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Written by Floddy August 17 2009 at 18:10.


Well, hello, it's been some time... After the last update, new pistons and some cable sleeve were orderd, which have arrived along with the other parts ordered. I also bought Kroegarn's old engine and disassembled it, to use as a base for the engine. After that, the block was re-bored, but when the balancing should be done, It was discovered that the pulley were totally worn out, so a hunt for a new one took off. After some checking around (which I wasn't in such a hurry to do...) it came to light that the stock part were no longer available for ordering, so the solution were to order a aluminium one (red anodized of course) from Maple Racing Components.

Earlier this year the balancing was done, and the bottom end returned to IMS. The only thing that I've really done so far this year, is to check what parts I need, and order them. Now it's just a matter of spare time and motivation needed to start assembling the bottom end.

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