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Chassis in place, car washed, new gearbox

Written by Floddy April 19 2008 at 19:28.


Oh, I'm updating like crazy! Really often! What's happened then? Well, all the chassis components are in place, except the anti-roll bars. I've made the fuel pipes, but not clipped them into place, or cut the ends. I pushed the car outside last weekend, for the first time in 2.5 years, washed it, and pushed it back inside again =P. Also got myself a new gearbox, from a S4 BiTurbo, thanks Eldis! Fortunately Beppo got some linkage and gearbox mounts that seems to fit, so I should be able to get it to fit. Manufacturing engine mounts is another thing that has been done. A not-so-good thing is that when I took the cylinder head apart, I discoverd that it needs an overhaul. Probably needs a couple of new valves... Past week I've ordered some nice parts for the engine; rods, flywheel and a cam gear. I'll also order some pistons as soon as possible.

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