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The 2011 summer and autumn catch up post!

Written by NEO November 20 2011 at 22:18. Last updated November 21 2011 at 06:20.


This year I have had some issues with lack of inspiration and the spark just haven't been there. So the lack up updates here on Irry is mostly because not much have happened with the car. But this weekend I finally did some more work with the brakes so today feels like a good day to post a little update.

As the returing reader might remember my antenna did look a bit sad in the beginning of the summer. I did buy a new one and it was replaced, it did wonders for the radio reception.

I also received the prototype for the RS6 C6 caliper brackets. For a first prototype it looked great and all crucial measurements were spot on! There are some strange stuffs going on with the caliper mounts on my driver side wheel bearing housing. I first thought that the bracket wasn't symmetrical since the distance between the top of the bracket to the brake disc and the same distance at the bottom of the bracket differed. I measured and measured but I couldn't make sense out of it. I came to the conclusion that I had to mount the prototype on the other side of the car because if there's something wrong with the bracket the error would follow the bracket. Surprisingly it aligned perfectly on the passenger side. I spent a few hours with it but couldn't find something wrong with the prototype so I ordered a real set of them with a few esthetic adjustments.

And this weekend it was finally time to try the first real set of these new brackets. They do look awesome and my fabricator have as usual done a stellar work! Since the car have been standing still for a few months I also had to test the air-condition and sadly the R134 have once again leaked out and there's a low pressure error in the ECC. #!$@£!# I'm not sure, but it might be the compressor this time since there's some oil and traces of tracer fluid on it. But on the other hand that could be from the last refill so I'm not really sure. =( I'm fairly certain I'm mad as hell about it though. =/

Anyways, as I said the brackets looks awesome and they fit perfectly. I still have some issues at the driver side but that must be something with the wheel bearing housing and not the bracket. I have tried both brackets on both sides and they both give a perfect result on the passenger side but a slight skew on the driver side. I think it's well within the margins and I will not spend more time with it for now. Instead I will focus on completing this damn upgrade so I can move on with my life! =)

UPDATE: What the hell! When reading my post after posting it I realise that there is a difference with the skewness from the prototype vs the final bracket. It's now further away at the bottom and not at the top. Oh man... I guess I will have to take another good look at this. Confusing!

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