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Cruise control repair and interior lighting

Written by NEO July 16 2011 at 21:42. Last updated July 16 2011 at 21:54.


I spent a few hours in the garage this evening troubleshooting the cruise control. The key ingredients here is sucking and blowing! It sounds crazy but sucking and blowing in the vacuum hoses is a good way, maybe the best way, to localize the leak. I also used the vacuum pump in my troubleshooting and used a small 9V battery to put power on it. The system should normally be air tight except for the vacuum pump that in idle mode has the valve open. You can close that valve by adding power to one of the terminals on the vacuum pump, on a LHD car the terminal furthest to the left. But I would recommend that you remove the hose that goes to the throttle control element and the hose that goes to the coupe and suck/blow in each one of them. Both end should hold vacuum and be totally air tight. In my case it turned out that I had a leak on the coupe side and after a while it was pin pointed to the ventilation valve behind the brake pedal. I removed it (screw and pull it outwards) and opened it up and did a thorough cleaning of it and also stretched out the spring a bit. Now it seems to be fine and work as it should, test drive to follow.

After reading the massive thread on S2Forum.com about OEM interior lighting I got inspired to fix a few of my broken lights. The LED in the passenger side window switch is dead and also one LED in one of the window switches on the driver side is dead. I did have two bulbs left since the last time I went over the interior lighting so I thought that it would be a walk in the park. The only problem being that it's LED's in those switches and not bulbs and I noticed that when it was all in pieces, bummer. =/ I should have read that thread a bit better I guess. So now I have to order a few LED's and maybe a few bulbs take it all apart again. 

The A/C seems to be working so far! I got 1.5 degrees Celsius out from the center vent this evening. =)

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