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The new wheels fitted on car!

Written by NEO July 18 2002 at 18:29.


I tyres with a friend that works at Däckia. He said that 225 would be to thin for the wheels and the ones he ordered the tyres from recommended 245. So he ordered 245 and they should arrive the day after. I didn't think that would fit in the wheel houses so when I dropped the rims of we tried with a used 245x45 tyre. They were waaaay to tall and so wide that they crashed into a socket joint. We found a couple of used 235x40 tyres that we tried. Fits like a glooooooove! And it turned out that they had eight Hankook Ventus 235x40 in their stockroom. I would have preferred Goodyear but what da heck... Would also have preferred 225x40...

While I sat down and read a car magazine my friend started to mount the tyres. All of a sudden I hear him scream "F*************************CK!". "Gosh! that can't be good" was my first thought. And for sure it wasn't. One of the tools he used had some tiny grains of sands on it and it made a pretty big scratch in the paint on one of the wheels. =((( The scratch was 5 cm long and for 2 cm of those 5 it was pretty deep. He said that we'll mount all the tyres and solve this later on. Might be fixable with some paint and polish. He promised to talk to some painters and so shall I do. Later on I noticed more scratches on the same wheel caused by the same tool so don't really know what to do about it now. Time will tell what happens... The most important thing is that the wheels are on the car and it looks great! =))) The center caps will be replaced though since they are a bit of an eye catcher, in a bad way.

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