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I love the smell of R134 in the morning!

Written by NEO July 15 2011 at 17:30. Last updated July 15 2011 at 18:19.


The workshop called me early this morning and said that they had time to look at my car again. So, I draged myself out of bed and rushed in. There weren't much of a discussion when I got in and we immedietly started to suck the system clean and refill it. Once refilled it worked, wooohooo! I told the guy at the workshop that I'm "carefully optimistic", after all the damn car is haunted by some evil spirit. When I drove home the lowest temp I measured in the center vent was 2.3 degrees Celsius, brrrrrr! 

But it doesn't end there... After a few hours I started the car up again and measured and then I only got just below 9 degrees. The pump is for sure working all the time but feels like it lost some of its cooling abilitity, oh lord. I'm not sure what t make of it and I will do some more tests during the evening and the coming days. I mean, in worst case there could be another leak that we haven't detected yet. 

I have also been thinking a bit more about the ECU and how to mount it in a better but I haven't come up with anything but I did take a picture of it, seen above.

Lastly some good news. The fellas at www.s2forum.com and www.nordicaudi.com said that I really shouldn't be worried about my exhaust temperature of around 880 degrees. I measure that in the exhaust housing of the turbo. That's a HUGE relief.

EDIT: A few hours later I got 4.8 degrees in the center vent after just a few minutes. Phew! Still carefully optimistic though. =)

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