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The AC madness continues!

Written by NEO July 14 2011 at 20:42. Last updated July 16 2011 at 21:53.


Crazy early this morning I headed back to the workshop for a new pressure test. They filled it up and bought out the digital nose that immediately went bananas when sniffing around the compressor and around the pipe I changed yesterday, GRAAAARGH! We soaked everything in some fluid in hope of visually detecting the leak but we didn't see a single bubble. After while we agreed that we should remove the hose they had connected to the valve on the compressor so we could rule out that one. It was a long shot but after all that hose wasn't a perfect fit since the compressor has a non standard low pressure valve from the Stone Age. And lo and behold! That did the trick! Once that hose was taken out of the equation the digital nose didn't detect any leaks!

So with a big smile on my face and with a bigger smile on the mechanics face we started to fill the system. But when we were about to start the compressor it didn't start, GRAAAAAAARGH! I cracked the connector to the clutch open and cleaned it and soaked it in 5-56 and that did the trick, weeeha. So after an hour or something the system was filled and I was on my way home to the garage.

Once at the garage and when I was about to mount the front spoiler I heard a loud hissing sound. I tracked the sound to somewhere around the compressor and after a while I noticed that it was from the hat on the valve on the compressor. I called the workshop and he said that I should come back in and pick up a new hat, o gosh. Said and done, I jumped into the car and drove back in. At the workshop I removed the original hat and while doing that the sound got stronger and stronger up until the hat was completely removed. Once in my hand I noticed that the seal wasn't in its proper position so it had applied pressure to the pin in the valve causing it to eject the gas, good shit. =( 

I seated the new hat and went back home and mounted the front spoiler. The functionality had been sporadic all the way since I left the workshop for the first time and I just thought that it was corrosion on the connector so I started to do a proper clean up of it but it didn't help. I took a look at channel 52 and 53 in the OBD and it indicates that the pressure is too low in the system, DOH! Not sure what's going on here and either they never got the correct pressure in it or all the gas leaked out due to the not properly seated hat. And yes... I'm going in again tomorrow. =/

I have looked at it myself this evening but there isn't really much I can do myself. I have shortened connector for the AC compressor safety valve and while doing that the compressor runs as it should. And from what I can read on the internet this concludes that the pressure is too low in the system...

As seen on the pictures above I also removed the ECU to make sure that the AC pipes behind it were ok. From the look of it they are and I can't see any tracer fluid. But I admit that I'm a bit worried about those pipes since the ECU slides on the when removed and seated. I wonder if there's a better way to mount the ECU.

Oh yeah, I also had to fuel up the car again today. 98 octane fuel is above 15 SEK/litre now (1.6 EUR/litre, 2.3 USD/litre, 1.4 GBP/litre). I guess it's the beginning of the end. =( 

To be continued...

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