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Oil change and AC-repair

Written by NEO July 13 2011 at 20:55. Last updated July 13 2011 at 22:21.


This is a catch-up post for the last few months up until today. In the beginning of June I gave the S2 some new oil and a new filter. When doing this I once again noticed that the oil plug was in a really bad shape. Luckily I bought a new one the last time I swore over it and after a while, and some more swearing, I found it in my own little spare parts stock. =)

And yesterday I got the inspiration back and decided to exchange the broken AC-pipe that I bought three years ago (...you shouldn't really stress things like this ;)). I also got the bright idea to replace the AC-compressor since I have had a rattling sound from those neighborhoods. I actually bought a condenser, compressor and most of the pipes 5 years ago from some dude molesting an RS2 and I thought it was worth a shot to put that compressor on the car. Little did I know how much work that would be required and that I would kill a thread in the compressor bracket while doing it... I had it all back together late last evening and managed to get a time at a workshop today for a pressure test of the system and filling it up with R134. Unfortunately their digital nose detected a leak on the upper pipe on the compressor so it was just to put on the happy smile and pay up and go home and take it all apart again. =/ Oh, and also they managed to put another huge dent in my left side member. =( It's already on the list of things to fix but nevertheless very annoying.

Yesterday I bought what we though was the last o-rings Anders at Möller Bil had in stock, but today he managed to find another o-ring for me in their huge storage, happy face! =) So I went home and took it apart in anger and I decided to swap out the pipe between the drier and the compressor since it had some nasty corrosion on it. I had that pipe in the kit I bought 5 years ago and that one were in much better condition. So, with a pipe in better condition and new o-rings I hope it's okay and that it will hold pressure. I will go back to the workshop early tomorrow morning for a new pressure test and hopefully for a fill of R134.

When washing the car I noticed that polar bears had been chewing on my antenna during the winter so I ordered a new one from Möller Bil. I also ordered the antenna base which turned out to be a good thing because the new antenna does not fit on the old base. They didn't have the base in stock though and I'll probably get it later this week. 

So, cross your fingers for tomorrows AC adventures! To be continued...

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