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The V10 discs have arrived!

Written by NEO March 21 2011 at 22:27. Last updated March 22 2011 at 06:14.


Sweet Jesus! Are they big or are they big!? I love them and I haven't even touched them yet! I bought them from BHV Handel in Germany and they were shipped to my parents who took these pictures (I'm trapped in another city at the moment). I can highly recomend BHV Handel! Great prices and out of this world fast delivery and they also tossed in a few Castrol swags, thanks guys! =) Good service is hard to find these days but these guys will for sure hear more from me in the future.

On to the discs. They're fucking humongos multiplied with ginmormous! I'll write more when I have tried them on the car. =)


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