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Silicon hoses and more V10 brake love

Written by NEO March 12 2011 at 21:51. Last updated March 12 2011 at 22:05.


I though it would be nice to start a post with something else than brakes for a change. =) I lend out a few of the turbo hoses I had on shelf to the guys at www.do88.se so they could fabricate them in silicon. As thanks I got a free set of hoses and since I'm already driving around with Roose Motorsport's turbo hoses I picked the water hoses. They look really nice and you can order them from their webshop.

On to the brakes. I have bought a set of brake discs from eBay but unfortunately they got stuck in a post office over the weekend which makes it a bit hard to know how the new bracket for these calipers should look. But it is clear that a new set of brackets has to be manufactured. As seen on the pictures the V10 calipers and their bracket are nothing like the brackets on the B7 8 pots and B7 ceramic 8 pots.

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