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A better look at the RS6 V10 brakes.

Written by NEO February 26 2011 at 15:24. Last updated February 26 2011 at 15:41.


Today I removed the brake pads from the calipers and cleaned them up around the pistons. As seen on the pictures above the chrome on the pistons have started to peel of. On both calipers this is worse on the inner pistons so I guess that the calipers are running hotter on the inside then on the outside. I'm not sure yet if this is so bad that I have to replace the pistons or not but I think that my plan now is to get them on the car in this condition and worry about the pistons later on. =)

I have also looked a bit more at the 'Ceramic' calipers and compared them with the V10 ones. I don't have a good scale here but the one I have indicates that the calipers weight almost the same. Maybe that the 'Ceramics' are a slightly lighter but on the other hand they don't have any brackets mounted on them. Size-wise the ceramics feels just a tad bigger and I believe that it would be possible to run those too with 390mm discs. If one could find discs suitable with those pretty massive pads that is...

I still don't know which calipers to use on my car since both these calipers have their own issues. For the ceramic calipers I need to find a set of suitable discs. Either the Porsche Cayenne discs or the other ones I have been tipped about. The cayenne discs have a floating center with a bolt pattern of 5/113 and they are crazy expensive and I would have to manufacture custom centers for them. The other discs I have been tipped of have a bolt pattern of 5/112 and are one solid piece. It might be possible to drill them to 5/112 but that's a big risk to take, but on the other hand those disks are fairly cheap.

For the RS6 calipers I need to manufacture new brackets which are a fairly expensive process. Another alternative would be to do what Wolfgang done on his awesome S2, to change the wheel hub assembly to the one from the RS4 b5 which these brakes would bolt on to.  The issue I would run into with that approach is if the guys at the annual MOT wouldn't pass the car and that I have to rebuild to the original brakes, to swap the wheel hub assembly is a bit more tedious then to just swap the brackets and calipers. I'm also not sure if the 390mm RS6 discs would work on the S2 hubs and with my wheels so that's a big gamble too. =/

And lastly... Maybe there are some even bigger brakes out there that I could buy and use on the car!? =)))

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