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NEW BRAKES! RS6 C6 5.0 V10. Sweeeet!

Written by NEO February 25 2011 at 21:07. Last updated February 26 2011 at 15:33.


Yep. After the Phaeton incident a few weeks ago I had to buy something to fill the emptiness inside me and I accidentally stumbled across these babies! It was a pretty nice deal and I got new pistons and pads to them and they were in much better shape then I thought, that's a nice feeling for a change! But I don't know if I will or can use them on my car yet since I need a new bracket for them (or a new wheel hub assembly) and I also need to find the 390mm rotors for them. When comparing these calipers with the 'ceramic' calipers they are actually almost the same size, almost looks like the ceramics are a bit bigger. I will look more at it tomorrow so stay tuned!

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