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Bye bye Phaetons, it was nice knowing you.

Written by NEO January 27 2011 at 08:08. Last updated January 27 2011 at 20:34.


Yep, the Paetons will be sent back to 'Allbildelar'. I was told that the front rotors had 35mm left and that the rear rotors had 23mm left. Yeah I know, that's one mm more then new discs but I just thought that he measured a bit sloppy and that I was about to to a great deal. But as seen on the pictures I didn't. =/ Each disc is worn down 3-4 mm in total (both sides...), and Audi/VW replaces them when worn down 4 mm so they're pretty much useless. They said that one new front disc is about 280 EUR and that they were willing to give me 280 EUR back if I kept the brakes. I have no idea what lists they are looking in since one of these for sure doesn't cost 280 EUR, more like 500 EUR. And also, all four discs has to be replaces so 280 EUR is a really bad offer, in my opinion. Anyways, I didn't have the time and strength to argue so the whole set will go back to them. No hard feelings here though and I'm pretty happy with how they dealt with this.

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