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Splash shields, hand brake and some primer.

Written by NEO August 28 2010 at 16:05. Last updated August 28 2010 at 16:51.


Today I finished the other rear splash shield and now both are ready for blasting and welding. I also picked up the cut out metal pieces that will be welded to the front RS4-b7 splash shields. Looks like my strategy on the front ones will work, horray!

Once the rear splash shields were done I took a look at the hand brake situation and I might have a solution for it, a solution where the original cable can be used! I'm not sure yet and I need some second opinions about it but the plan is to make a mounting, just like the one on the subframe, but weld it to the wishbone as seen on the pictures. Maybe the cable should be just a few centimeters longer but I think that a new cable would solve what on the pictures looks like a fairly aggressive bend on the cable, the current one is a bit rugged after 16 years on the road. =)

I also started to think about the carriers for the rear RS4-b7 brakes today. Maybe there are some other carriers that will work with those calipers so I don't have to space out the disc? I will look into it a bit more before I order new wheel hubs.

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