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Brake conversion = FAIL. Epic fail?

Written by NEO August 20 2010 at 18:43. Last updated August 20 2010 at 19:40.


I started the day with bending the new brake lines for the calipers. The original ones had some shipping damages so I thought there was a good idea to replace them before I respray the calipers. The new lines were a bit to long so mid-bending I had to take them back to the shop for a minor adjustment but after this they fitted and it turned out pretty ok.

What didn't turn out ok were the new pads. When I picked up the pad I never thought about testing them in the caliper mounted on the car and when I tried them today the big shock came. THEY DON'T FIT! The problem is that the T1414 pagid pads are to high to they slam into the center of the disc. =( I can not find anyother pads in Pagids catalog that fits these calipers so now I have no idea what to do! Find new discs? Find new calipers? Sell everything and buy drugs and get really high? Epic fail? Can I recover from this? So damn angry at the moment!

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Re: Brake conversion = FAIL. Epic fail?

Written by NEO November 21 2010 at 18:59.

Tackar Robin! =) Hade missat din kommentar men efter att ha läst den blev jag inspirerad till att uppdatera igen med en ny post. Har dock inte hänt så jättemycket på senare tid. =/

Bra sida

Written by Robin Kaisson October 02 2010 at 11:11.


tänkte bara berömma dig för din sida här på irry. Inne och tjuvkikar rätt ofta. Gillar din bromsfetishism. hehe

MVH Robin

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