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They came, they sucked, they left... The ceramics!

Written by NEO July 13 2010 at 23:12. Last updated July 14 2010 at 18:29.


I have not posted about the ceramic brakes yet, actually I haven't posted much at all for a while. There's a good reason for it and that good reason is called district court. The brakes that I bought from someone that I considered to be a friend, at that time not any longer, had some serious damages and was not at all as the seller had described them. First of all both the calipers and the discs were really poorly packaged and the calipers had moved around freely in the box and leaked brake fluid all over the place. Also the discs had loads of space to freely move around in the box, not exactly how you ship stuffs like this! The discs were said to have small dents on the edges from stones and normal usage. But both discs had huge damages and were for sure not safe to mount on a car. The seller refused to take them back and give me my money back and first when I turned to the district court he agreed to buy the brakes back. Sadly I had left my RS4-b7 brake kit as part of the payment and he had already sold that on to someone. =/ But atleast I got a sum back that covered the total value of the deal but I still lost a lot on it since I had to pay the legal expert I'd hired. =( It's a sad story and I had to shorten it down here so I wouldn't bore you out. Now I will use my other ceramic calipers and the 380mm MTM steel discs instead.

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He sold them on ebay... =(

Written by NEO (www.irry.com) August 19 2010 at 16:47.

Seems like he don't have much shame in him, he sold the brakes on eBay and this is the feedback.

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