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Reason for the cut outs found! And new brakes, again!

Written by NEO August 23 2009 at 20:49.


A while ago I was over at Kroegarns place and tried my car with his ECU since I suspected that the reason of my cut outs could have something to do with my ECU. Kroegarns ECU has the same chips and same modifications as mine with the exception that his has an external MAP-sensor. Unfortunately it ran jut as bad with his ECU as with mine. But the trip was not all in vain. I got some good advices from Kroegarn and he lent me a spare coil pack he had lying around. The moment I removed my coil pack I spotted the problem. Both cables to the third cylinders coil had cracks in them. So at full load it has shortened out with the result of the car only running on four cylinders. With Kroegarns coil pack the car feels like a freakin’ rocket! =) Though it’s still running to hot on the exhausts. =/

I also happened to buy new brakes again. I stumbled across a set of the calipers used with the ceramic setup on newer performance Audis (RS4/RS6/R8). They were bundled with a set of 380 mm MTM steel discs. And it just happened to turn out that they fit perfectly with my adapters I had manufactured for the 8 pot calipers. So now I have to buy me a set of 19” wheels. =)

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