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155555km and intercooler swap

Written by NEO May 10 2009 at 12:52.


While testing the car a bit more today I passed 155555km on the speedometer. Still problems with it cutting out on full boost. A fellow Swede named Kroegarn (thanks a bunch mate!) lend me his original ABY intercooler and crossmember so I could test with that one. Have had an odd feeling that it might be either the IC or crossmember that's leaking on my car. The car for sure ran better with his parts but not 100% ok. It could be that his stuffs leaks where the IC connects to the crossmember. Since there was such an extreme difference compared to mine I have to pressure test my crossmember and IC. Will try to build something so I can do that while they're not mounted on the car.

Oh... The car have also passed the annual MOT without any problems. =)

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