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Rear calipers and first ride of the year

Written by NEO April 26 2009 at 12:47.


I have done some more measuring on the rear brakes. Seems like I must space the discs out 4mm on each side. And too do that I need to get new hubs manufactured. Damn! =/ Also kinda odd that the carrier isn't all parallel to the disc, as seen on the first picture here. =/

Once I realized that I must space the discs out I got sick of it. I mounted the wheels and lowered the car down on the ground. I drove it out of the garage for the first time this year. I drove it home and washed it, it was dusty as hell since a yellow rally Golf have been sanded down in the garage over the winter. I can also just confirm that nothing I did this winter solved the overboost and cutting out problem. It's still doing it! Man I start to get sick of that shit. Once it was washed I drove it back to the garage.

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