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AC leak, airbox, caliper brackets and boost leak

Written by NEO August 01 2008 at 00:25.


Just out of pure luck I accidentally stumbled across that AC leak that I have been searching for for a long long time. A year or two ago I had the car over at a firm that repairs ACs. They couldn't find the leak then but added some trace fluid to the system and this is what caught my attention today. The pipe that connects to the firewall had a fairly large hole in it. I have bought a new pipe and radial seals.

In the continuously search for the boost leak and the reason why the car cuts out I have been filming the exhaust temperature gauge, the boost gauge and a lambda meter. I had to build a little box for it which can be seen up here. I have also been testing with a adjustable boost pressure valve but that didn't to much good. After those attempts I once again pressure tested the whole system without finding any leaks. Frustrating!

I have also received a new prototype for the caliper brackets, now in metal from another manufacturer. Though it's still off! Can't really understand how da heck am I measuring. Am I constantly drunk in the garage?

During the pressure test session my brother came over in a sweet Audi TTS. Really awesome car! Can't wait for the TTRS!

I snapped a few pics on the ECU as well. Had that opened again to see if there were any leaks in there. Couldn't see anything odd but snapped a pic of the resistor you have to change when you rebuild the box to RS2-specs. =) Oh, the chips on one of the pictures are labeled 380hk, that's not correct. It's 350hk.

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