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New Years Eve

Written by NEO December 31 2007 at 16:12.


Aaaah... New Years Eve! What could be better them to sum this year up here at irry? =) And maybe to speculate about 2008.

Well... As usual not much happened during 2007. The biggest thing would be the two ABT rear hatches that I bought from Germany. I didn't complete the RS4/RS6 front break conversion. And I have not decided what rear brakes to use. So this is two issues that has to be resolved during 2008. At least I tested the prototype adapter for the RS-calipers this weekend. I have made some adjustments to it and now I have to wait for a new prototype. Some pictures of it can be seen below.

Another biggie for 2008 is my job situation. Work work work... I work a lot! And that will probably not change in 2008. So I really don't have the time for the S2 any longer and I actually don't have the need for it. So I have started to question whether it's really worth it or if I should sell the car. There is so much that I want to do with it and it will cost me A LOT of money. I still have to complete the RS2 conversion of the rear spoiler and light ramp. I need a set of KW-coilovers or similar. And maybe the biggest issue of them all... I need to paint the whole car. And a paint job for me is not just to rough up the old paint and apply the new paint... We're talking total disassembly with the removal of all panels, the engine and everything. The body will also need some repair and touch up, mainly of both rocker panels. And while the engine is out of the car one would probably want to do some adjustments to it... So the biggest question of 2008 is probably whether I should sell or keep the car.

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