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The glass is in the hatch!

Written by NEO August 19 2007 at 15:34.


Today the glazier was over in the garage and we installed the glass in the hatch! Was not all to easy. The rubber trim under the glass was one stubborn bastard. I also got a small damage to the paintwork on the hatch. =(((( Overall it went good though. I also used one of my monster brake discs as a weight to force the hatch into the proper position. I doubt it will help though but worth a try.

One small problem that I had missed... The first thing the glazier said once the glass was in position was "this was one scratched glass!". Uuuhoooh! I had not seen that the glass was full of small (and big) scratches. =( I hope it is fixable. Otherwise I'll have it like this until the other hatch is reproduced in carbon fiber. Then I take the best of my three glasses and use on that one. Big thanks to Janne at “Tages Glas” for helping out!

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Written by NEO February 10 2011 at 22:46.

Yeah, it makes totally sense for me to send my rear glass to USA to get it fixed at a company who thinks spam is a good way to market themselves...? I'll send it first thing on Monday!

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