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Yet another ABT hatch in my possession! =)

Written by NEO August 18 2007 at 15:26.


I have not said anything about this here. But as some of you know I actually found another ABT C5 hatch down in Germany. Once the deal was settled with Ingo and that hatch was delivered I got an e-mail from Bernd who said he found a hatch for me! At this stage I knew the first hatch had some quality issues so I didn't hesitate for even a millisecond. I told Bernd that I'll buy it! It took a while to get it to Sweden but once here I can only state that it is in twice as good condition as the first one! And it was packed extremely well. I can never thank Bernd enough. Thanks a million Bernd! You rule! =)

The guy that delivered it was from Germany and did not speak one word English. Or hey... Now I exaggerate. I think he actually knew two or three words English. =) But it all worked out fine and it was a funny experience.

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