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Lambda sensor fell off and ABT hatch mounted on car!

Written by NEO August 17 2007 at 15:15.


The new tires and the wheel alignment in combination with the Whiteline RARB is just super! The car is so much funnier to drive now. So fun that I pushed it a bit to hard on a bad road. There was a huge bump in the road that made me and the car air born for a while. When we landed the lambda sensor nut came loose from the downpipe. =( I had no other choice then continue my trip home for another 100km. I did not really know how to fix this. But... I asked "Dr Ernie" who my parents happen to be, almost, neighbors to. "No problems!" he said. =) So big thanks to DTE Racing that fixed my downpipe. He also mounted an extra nut for wide band lambda. The problem there is that I measured it's position when the front of the car was in the air so the shock absorbers in the front was in their end position... And, I never thought of that the steering bars also change their position then. Soooo... To sum it up, the wide band lambda will most probably not fit now. =( But I can not blame anyone else then myself for this fatal mistake.

Anyway, to remove the downpipe might sound like a simple task. But since it's not an original downpipe I have to remove right drive shaft from gearbox, cover around drive shaft, right wishbone, middle section of exhaust pipe and of course everything around the turbo. A painful operation.

I also found a set of PFC brake pads for my front Porsche calipers. There was nothing left on the old ones and the RS6-calipers will not be mounted this season.

I also replaced the cap over the fuel pump. The frequent reader might remember that it was leaking. I never had the time to look for cracks in the lid so I just bought a new one, sigh. But when it was time to replace it it had not leaked. DAMN! So must have been the gasket after all. But in pure frustration I replaced the old one with the new lid.

And... Oooh... Yeaaah! The ABT C5 hatch is back from the painter. At a first glance it looks ok. But when looking a bit closer there 's a couple of drips and on at least one place the underlying repair is visible since the filler have raised up a bit. That they did warn me for though. And after mounting the hatch I noticed that it does not have best fit. Under the wing where the hatch should align to the body the hatch actually stands out a bit. The problem is that this can not be adjusted so this hatch has probably been involved in some kind of accident or something. Things like this makes me sad. Though we will try to force the hatch down when we glue the glass back. Se if that helps.

Other then that it looks pretty good. It's a bit strange to see it on the car without the glass in it. And it takes a while to get used to not have the wing stretching out over the C-pillar. Hopefully I will love it once it's all completed.

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