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More pictures from the hatch repair

Written by NEO June 28 2007 at 14:47.


Ooooooo my back hurts! The sanding and repair of the ABT-hatch took a while! I used the "Dremmel" to carefully grind all the cracks that I found, quite a few actually. Then I used plastic fiber filler to add some strength to it. Plastic fiber filler is really a pain to work with but good for repairs like this.

I also managed to remove the glass out of the hatch! It was actually pretty simple. "Tages Glas" in my hometown provided me with the wire that's used to saw through the glue that holds the glass in place. It was a bit tricky on some places but it only took a couple of nervous hours to remove the glass. And I didn't use any special tools other then the wire. Now I have to find someone that can put some tinted film on the glass. I guess I could do it my self, I have done it on other cars. But I don't think I can do it as perfect as I want it. One of those things I rather leave to the pros. =)

Today I delivered the hatch to the painter. Could barley get the hatch into my parents Mazda. I really don't know how I will get the hatch from the painter once it's painted. Maybe rent a minivan or something. First I thought of mounting it over at the painter but that feels a bit unsecure and the risk of stressing it and breaking something in the process is imminent. But anyways, now it's up to the painter to fine tune the hatch. I only fixed the big issues. And let's hope that the filler I used on the repairs doesn't sink in to much once the paint work is done.

I also had the car over at "Bilteknik" today for a new wheel alignment and I do not now how it's possible since I barley haven't driven the car since the last wheel alignment but a lot of the values were messed up. Now they are all good again!

Oh, and a sad day the other day. The car passed 150000km. =( I missed it with 6 kilometers. Pretty annoying, I wanted to photograph it exactly on the 15000 mark.

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