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ABT C5 rear hatch and new tires! =)

Written by NEO June 21 2007 at 13:57.


Mmmmm! Vacation! Finally some time to work at the car! I got my package from Ingo in Hanover this Monday! After 7 years search I finally own an ABT C5 rear hatch! WEEEEOOOO! Schenker that transported it from Germany to Sweden did abuse it a bit. But it will not be all to hard to fix. Will probably start working on it tomorrow. I will for sure post more pictures of my new lil baby. =)

Today I also got new tires mounted. A friend that works at "Däckia" here in my hometown hooked me up with a set of Nokian Z 225x40x18. I was really really worried that it would look odd with 225 instead of 235 on my wheels. But it looks way way waaaaaay better then I had expected. So I'm really satisfied. I picked 225 instead of 235 since my old 235s tended to hit the front fenders when driving a bit inspired. =) And it actually seems like 225s did the trick! Tried some inspired driving and so far they have not touched the fenders. =))))

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