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Work started again

Written by Tacq September 20 2004 at 16:02.


Now we have started work on the car again! In addition, we received some new parts to be installed - however, most of them require rebuilding ... surprising .. NOT :P

What has happened then? We have largely just put the car aside to gather strength, because we know what kind of work lies ahead. Already at an early stage, we knew what to do... And we will not compromise, but to do everything the way we want it, even if it means that it takes much longer and is more work for us. Body should be scraped from rust-protection, and be welded. 12m tubing are ordered for the rollcage to supplement it and make the chassis stiffer. Strut towers will be modified and strengthened. A complete sport quattro plastic body kit has been acquired to be installed. We've got our custom pistons so now the block can be bored too! A used diff and pump has been acquired with adjustable LSD. A Haltech E11 is also waiting to get fitted and mapped.

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