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Written by Tacq March 02 2003 at 15:47.


Now it is starting to happen things. The front subframe have been modified for a rollbar. When we took down the aft subframe to see if would be possible to mount a rollbar there we discovered that the studs????? For the differential were starting to crack up. This resulted in building a new subrame wich has to be modified to adapt with our strut. Aft it will be a rollbar wich normaly is found in the front of an S2, we only need to make new connections to the lower controlarms.We now got all the parts we need for the new fuelsystem, among others a 30ltrs ATL fuelcell and 2 Bosch 044 fuelpumps. This should cure the problems we had with fuel at high boost and >7000rpm. We also ordered a new oilcooler from Swedish company Setrab. As soon as we get it it, will be placed on top of the intercooler wich has to be cut down a bit to make room. The hoses with oil that go from the engine to the oiltank in the boot is going to be moved to the passengerside to make it possible to lower the floor on the drivers side, modification have started. We found a couple of places on the body that need to be strengthened to awoid the body from cracking up…The rearbrakes have been sanblasted, painted and new seals have been mounted. The frontbrakes just got back from TRW motorsport in Germany were they have been restored, new sealings and a couple of new pistons.We have also bought a adjustable pressure valve for the rear brakes.

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