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Bushes, coilovers & clutch

Written by yoggi May 30 2004 at 00:15.


Have changed to powerflex bushes for the control arms at front and back. Mounted KW-coilovers, it lowered the car a lot! Drove the car for awhile without doing a wheel alignment which resulted in worn front tires and halfworn rear tires... they have been used for 2000-3000km... Nice with more things to buy... Did a wheel aligntment, improved the handling a lot! But the pipe that goes between the clutch master and slave cylinder broke so I had one custom made becasue it would have taken a week to get a new one.. Hope it will stick together! Mounted a stiff 4-puck sinter with reinforced pressure plate, bites fine Smile While I was at it I burned the old clutch before chaninging it Wink The car goes fine and i just enjoy it as often as I can.

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Re: Bushes, coilovers & clutch

Written by yoggi (ledexperten.se) July 03 2019 at 23:47.

Gearbox change together with Boe outside of Kalmar, some kind of world record i think! =) Thanks for my first ride in a Porsche 944, 2.5l pre new dashboard =)

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