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Stereo tinkering, service, and more

Written by yoggi April 27 2004 at 23:52.


The car has now been on the road for 1 month this year. Mounted new tires. Installed DLS Front speakers and Becker headunit, got a DLS amplifier and a Peerless sub lying around... Should get them in place as soon as i feel that i want to build a box for the sub... Have replaced the power steering pump at the price of 500 euros... Very funny! Replaced some bushes for the rear diff, have gotten some KW type 2 coilovers lying around, will mount stiffer bushes for the control arms and rear diff mount, and some stiffer top mounts that i have laying around... Fitted a HID kit, turned out really good! Better lightning, and great look. Have had some problems with them though so theyr'e been replaced a couple of times. Have replaced the lambda probe, spark plugs, oil, oil filter, air vent filter and rear brake pads. Have also replaced the clutch master cylinder since i wrecked the piston in it... Been down to skillingaryd a couple of days ago and fixed the aircon; changed a leeking hose but then we found out that the aircon cooler leaked too, so we changed that one too! But then the reacular switch on the aircon compressor were dead, sorted that out though, now I have a functional aircon, and 1k+ euros less in my wallet...I think that's all... Oh, yeah, the clutch has died, we'll se how that ends.

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