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The diff is dead

Written by yoggi January 07 2003 at 18:02.

After very hard driving on ice for a couple of days some strange noise comes from the rear diff that we haven't been able to locate why. We thought it was a lot of snow which had frozen and was against something, so we washed the car and let it defrost. Then we looked under the car for damages but couldn't see anything except that some ice that was stuck between the chassis and one of the rear drive axis. We decide to test drive it and listen if the sound is still there and it is! After a couple of hundred meters a hear a loud crash from the back! I Stopped to see what it was, couldn't see anything! Tried to drive from there but the car couldn't be moved! I take a closer look under the car, i see a big oilspill under the rear diff! Lucky me there is a new diff waiting for me in one of the Irry garages!

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Re: The diff is dead

Written by yoggi (ledexperten.se) July 03 2019 at 22:00.

Right in front of Jönköping university next to the police station =)

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