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Detailed Specification

Car | Audi Quattro '82

Body/Exterior | Stock with rust included, Mazroth.

Interior | The good looking, black one with green/red inlays. Good condition, but the floormat is worn.

Engine | WR from '83. First one probably died a few yrars ago.

Chassis | Stock 1982 with bad shocks and moldy bushes.

Brakes | Stock rusted together, may pass the state inspection...

Wheels | Stock alloys with 205/60-15.

Performance | Not much to talk about. It moves, it has five cylinders and it has a turbo. 200hp, but many of them are probably on the run.

Stereo | It once had one of those. Anyway it's a shipload of wires in the car. Two alarms that are disconnected. Turbo and some karaoke from the driver.

Misc | Well, what do you say. It's an URQUATTRO!

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