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Template for logo on front caliper and rear splash shield

Skrivet av NEO 14 augusti 2010, 18:57. Senast uppdaterad 14 augusti 2010, 18:57.

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Another productive day in the garage. I started with making a cardboard cutout of the front face of the caliper, I'll need it when I make the custom logo for them.

I also started to look at the rear splash shields. I got an original splash shield with the wheel hub assembly I bought and I sacrificed that one today. I also had to use the angle grinder on the RS4-splash shields I bought a few year back, always funny to put the grinder in brand new stuffs. =/ Anyways, looks like I'm on too something and I just need to tidy it up a bit and weld it together and put some new paint on it. Oh, and of course make the other side too. =)

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