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Blasted front brakes and grinded Phaeton splash shield

Skrivet av NEO 13 augusti 2010, 18:56. Senast uppdaterad 13 augusti 2010, 19:13.

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I picked up the front brakes from the blaster today and wow, he did an excellent job! He had blasted them with aluminum oxide and apparently it took a while for him but the result is awesome. Now I have to figure out what to do with the paintwork but that's a later story/post.

I also picked up the brackets from anodization. They came back a bit spotty and according to the guys that anodized them that's because some of the compounds in the 7075 aluminum reacts with the anodization process. It looks almost like small spots of oxidation. I'm honestly fine with it since they will be dirty all the time and nobody will really ever seen them, I just want them somewhat protected from mother nature and not to obvious and visible for the MOT guys.

The work on the Phaeton splash shields have continued today. Seems like it was a bit more difficult then first anticipated. As seen on the pictures I decided to remove the reinforcement for the air scoop so now the splash shield looks like a Swiss cheese.  The idea is to weld a 1mm sheet metal that's cut out to fit the S2 to the Phaeton splash shield, and then weld the reinforcement for the scoop back onto it. I'm not totally convinced that this will work but it's the path I will take but I have started to think out a backup plan.

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