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Moving on with the brakes

Skrivet av NEO 11 augusti 2010, 20:55. Senast uppdaterad 11 augusti 2010, 21:03.

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This week I have had some time to work on the brake upgrade. I prepared the "ceramic" calipers for glass blasting and I took a good look at the 'Audi ceramic' logo on the calipers to see if it was painted or a sticker, seems to be painted. The calipers are at the blasting shop now and I hope to get them back late this week or early next week. I have bought black Foliatec paint that I will paint them with and now I just have to figure out how to get my custom logo onto the calipers, sticker or paint...? I have also left the caliper brackets for anodization.

For the rear brakes I bought an extra wheel hub assembly from a scrap yard to make this build a bit easier. I immediately noticed why the carriers wasn't aligned correctly with the discs. As seen on the pictures I had to grind some material of the carriers to make them sit properly on the S2. Once this was done I started to play with different distances between the hub and the disc until I got the disc centered in the carrier, it seems like I must space the disc out 7 mm. The plan is to have a new hub manufactured so I don't have to use a separate spacer.

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