Sensors, sensors, sensors... All these damn sensors!

Written by NEO August 06 2010 at 21:37. Last updated August 07 2010 at 10:53.


...time did tell if it worked or not, it didn't. All the fault codes came back and to recap they were:

00561 - Mixture Adaptation, 13-00 - Adaptation Limit (Mul) Not Reached
00281 - Vehicle Speed Sensor (G68), 03-00 - No Signal
00537 - Lambda (Oxygen Sensor) Regulation, 11-10 - Control Limit Not Reached - Intermittent

I asked around on and the friends over there said that I had to replace the lambda sensor. I was a bit skeptical since most of the google results indicated that it could be enough with cleaning the MAF. But I wanted to rule out the lambda sensor so I bought a new one and replaced it and guess what, for now the 00537 and 00561 fault codes are gone. Those chaps over at rocks. =) But, since it was an intermittent error I will not claim victory just yet though. As seen on the pictures the MAF for sure could need some cleaning too but I couldn't get my hands on any isopropanol today. =/

I kinda ran out on ideas about that vehicle sensor fault code and the only thing left was to take the instrument cluster apart and clean all connectors. And for now that actually seems to have done the trick. But also this was an intermittent error so it's too early to really say if it's fixed or not but at least the code is gone for now.

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